Thursday, July 9, 2015

OneBookJuly2015 | Week 1

I'm back to give an update on how #OneBookJuly2015 is going! Take a look at last week's blog to take a peek at my setup, if you missed it.

I had an aha moment this week. I realized that the reason I have such a hard time with a travelers notebook, is lists and projects.  Really anything that requires me to add more information at a later time.  I don't like having it spread out in the notebook.  I want to have the  full list/project grouped together and add more pages if I need.

I like using a notebook for anything that I can write out and then move on to another subject without having to worry about adding more information to it later - like journaling, daily tasks lists, daily notes, etc.  

I have a project I have to get started on, but I find myself not wanting to start it in the travelers notebook.

So to use a travelers notebook as my main planner, I need to see if I can get over my preferred way of organizing lists and projects and live with things spread out in random chaos ;), which is why I'll be starting my project in my bullet journal this week.

Are you participating in OBJ?  If so, how's it going?

Thanks for reading!

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