Friday, July 17, 2015

#OneBookJuly | Week 2

This week I'm finally settling in to my new system!  I am so happy with my DIYFish weekly chart, that's something I've learned that I don't want to live without. 

I asked KiddyQualia (on etsy) to make me a personal size booklet with week on one page plus notes and I received it in the mail this week (she is going to start selling them in her shop). The books are fantastic - they have a clean, simple design and fantastic quality - the paper is so smooth.  I should mention that I'm in no way affiliated with her, I just love her products!  I haven't added the book in yet because I've got to transfer all of my data over - so I'll probably wait until August.

I even started my project in my bullet journal, like I mentioned last week, and surprisingly it didn't drive me crazy to have everything mixed in together.  I just left a few pages for additional notes, and then started back up on my daily pages.

Speaking of daily pages, I really miss having a dedicated day on one page.  I feel like I need them for really busy days.  Actually, I feel like I need them for days when I need to get a lot done, so I have to schedule out what I'm doing when.  I find without some structure, I tend to sit on the couch and binge watch TV!  Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime?  Yes please! So instead of adding in a day on one page, I just created one in my bullet journal.  I kind of like it!

Next week will be an interesting test of the system, as I'll be on business travel the whole week.

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