Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OneBookJuly2015 | My Set Up

I'm so excited to take on the #OneBookJuly2015 challenge - I really need it this year!  As of late I've been on the planner merry-go-round, and getting tired of it.  My focus for this challenge will be to stick to one planner for the entire month, to quit flipping back and forth between the various styles of planners.  I really want to know if I can use a traveler's notebook for my main planner.  I'm also going to see if I can track my diabetes management in this book as well.  I've tried several times to incorporate this into my planner, but I've failed each time.  There's a lot of information that I need to track and having everything in one book would be ideal.

What I'm not changing for this challenge is my work planner set up.  That is completely separate and needs to stay that way for privacy reasons.  I'm also going to stick to journaling in a separate notebook.  I've done that for over 30 years and I don't want to change it now.  Finally, I'm going to keep my photo journal/smashbook/art journal (I can't figure out what to call it) separate as well since that system works for me too.

So I may not be following the rules exactly, but I still think the challenge will give me some valuable insight.

So on to the set up... since I know that's what you really came here to see ;)

I'll be using my creme brûlée personal size traveler's notebook from ChicSparrow.  This notebook has four elastic bands.

The first elastic houses my cover page, a zip pocket envelope with my personal/emergency info card, some sticky page flags, loose notepaper, stamps, sticky notes etc.  the zip pocket is wrapped around a notebook which holds all of my more permanent reference lists and information.

The second elastic contains a folder with frequently used stickers, and some papers from my Filofax that I haven't completely transferred over yet.  This folder surrounds my calendar.  I stitched together a book that uses an undated week on one page + notes (from PembrokePapers on Etsy) with my DIYFish weekly chart tipped in.

The third elastic houses my bullet journal, which is a Midori grid notebook cut down to the personal size.  I'm new to bullet journaling, but thought this would be a great time to start using one.  I can put in daily notes and anything relevant to my health and diabetes management.  So we'll see how this goes!

The last elastic is for my tracking section.  I have a yearly chart (from DIYFish) that I use to track workouts, medical things, travel, paid time off from work, and products that I want to track to see how often I'm ordering.

For a closer look at my set up, be sure to check out my (very first) YouTube video!

Happy Planning!  I can't wait to see what everyone else does with this challenge this year.  I'm hoping to see lots of new planner posts,  pictures, and videos :).

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