Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#OneBookJuly | Wrap Up

I decided to move back into rings (a new Gillio) for my personal planner once OBJ was over.  What OBJ has taught me is that even though I've learned that I can use a traveler's notebook as my main planner, I also know that I prefer to use rings for planning.  I prefer notebooks for note taking and journaling, and I prefer a traveler's notebook for work!  I like different types of planners for different things.

Why do I prefer rings for planning?
I love my archiving system and can't imagine being without it.  The bullet journal is OK for me if it's random lists and notes, but I definitely don't like it for planning, or for tracking.  If I want to go back and find some information (which I tend to do more than you would think), I don't want to have to sift through all the flotsam and jetsam of the note pages, I just want to flip to the date and find it.
I also love the flexibility to add and remove pages and sections as I need, it allows me to switch things up without changing the whole system.

What do I prefer to use notebooks for?
Notes that are taken in chronological order (in other words I don't have to go back and add more notes later - for example - daily notes, meeting notes, notes from a doctor's appointment), or one subject per notebook, tracking things like expenses, random lists and jots.

My goals for OBJ were to see if I could stick to one planner for a month, determine if I could use a traveler's notebook as my main planner, and see if I could use a bullet journal.  The answer to all three is YES I can!  I realize that I have a solid system and can use any planner I choose, as long as the system remains the same.

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