Thursday, January 9, 2014

Planner Update

I decided to delete my blog because I was just so busy with work and travel and such that I wasn't posting very regularly.  Then I felt like blogging again, and was sad that I didn't have a place to post.  So I have decided to restore the blog and just blog whenever I feel like it without feeling pressure to post on a regular schedule, so it could be an erratic posting schedule. I hope you're OK with that!

So what I been up to, planner-wise?

For 2014 I decided to stick with the personal size.  I am pretty much using the same setup with a few tweaks.  I've added a projects section, removed the diabetes tracking sheets (I'm doing that outside of the Filofax now) and adding a monthly goals sheet.  I am currently using an aqua malden, but will soon be moving into a medium Gillio Compagna Croco in shiny Coral.  It is on it's way to me now from Belgium!

For work I am using an A5 Filofax Osterley in Grey.  I had a crazy number of sections in this filo to begin with but after using for several months, I whittled it down to just what I need.  Along with the Filofax, I use a simple spiral notebook for taking meeting notes.  I found that I didn't like taking notes in a ring binder.

My collection has changed some too.  As you will see, most of my Filofaxes are not in use.  I like to be able to switch around my main Filofax when I feel like it.  I need to sell off all of my pocket Filofaxes, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

  • A5 Ochre Malden - Not in use but will be my Reference/Household binder once I get it set up
  • A5 Grey Osterley - Work Filofax
  • A5 Crimson Lizard Print Flex - Not in use (yet) - I need to find an excuse to use this, let me know if you have any good ideas.
  • Personal Aqua Malden - Personal Filofax
  • Personal Orange Osterley - Not in use
  • Personal Plum Osterley - Not in use
  • Personal Deep Pink Domino - Not in use
  • Pocket Raspberry Chameleon - Not in use
  • Pocket Red Amazona - Not in use
  • Pocket Deep Pink Domino - Not in use
  • Pocket Orange Domino - Not in use
  • Pocket Plum Osterley - Not in use
  • Pocket Blackcurrant Lizard Print Flex - Gym Filo
I also have a few Franklin Covey binders too...
  • Compact Black Leather - I don't know the style - Not in use, going to sell
  • Compact Burgundy Aurora - Storage Binder
  • Classic Black Her Point of View - Not in use
  • Classic Red Her Point of View wire bound cover - not in use
Yes, I think I have a slight planner addiction!

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