Monday, August 19, 2013

Time for a change

I decided to switch out my main Filofax from the plum to the orange Osterley.  I tweaked the setup a bit as well.

I was in the mood for something bright, so I made new dividers and tabs, rearranged some sections, and added a new health section.  This is where I keep notes related to doctor appointments, and a daily logbook for tracking exercise, water intake, blood glucose readings, and general health info.  I keep one month of pages behind this tab and then archive them to my health and fitness Filofax.

I also brought back my notes section.  I had moved it out into a notebook that I kept tucked into the front pocket, but by moving the section to the middle of the filo, I don't have any problems with hitting the rings while writing.

I took out the brown today ruler and use a ribbon paperclip to mark my spot instead.

One of the biggest changes was adding side tabs into the mix.  I normally hate side tabs because these get crushed by the pen loops, but these are no ordinary side tabs.  They are actually page markers I made that use a clear fly leaf that can be taken out and moved as needed to hold my spot (like the today ruler).

The last tweak I made was to remove the month section and add the horizontal year planner back in.  I never used it because I hated having to open the rings to take it out and write on it.  So I made it removable by reinforcing the holes with washi tape and clear hole reinforcers, and then slitting the holes.  Easy.  Now I can take it out, write on it, and pop it back in without opening the rings.

This is one fat Filofax, but I love it!


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  1. I Love the orange!!! I have the Wine color, and love it so much will probably have to get an orange one someday too. Great color. :)