Friday, October 25, 2013

Total Planner Chaos

It's amazing how a small little detail, like not being able to carry your planner with you everywhere, can throw you into total planner chaos.  I know because this has just happened to me.  It all started when I decided to carry a smaller purse.  I can get my personal sized planner in there, but not without difficulty.  Soon, I just stopped carrying it with me.  That meant I couldn't write in appointments while I was out, I had to get the appointment card and write it in my planner later.  This led to forgetting appointments and double-booking.  I couldn't jot down notes, or things that I wanted to remember later. Sure, I had my iPhone with me, and that was my plan - I would use the phone and just sync up with my planner, but I'm a paper sort of girl, and didn't ever really like typing into the phone.  So that just didn't work.

Not having everything in my planner, made me stop trusting it, and then I stopped using it.  I stopped writing appointments and to-dos, I stopped tracking my health and fitness activities.  Everything.

It's probably been a month or two, and now my life just feels like a mess, and it's stressful.  I need to get it together.  First thing I'm going to do is make sure I have a purse that will easily fit my planner!  I'm going to make sure I go back to daily planning.  I've seen the dark side of total planner chaos and it's not fun!

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?  How did you bounce back from it?


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  1. I agree with Homemakersdaily! Its a case of getting a smaller planner or a bigger purse - I can't work with a planner smaller then personal but can work with a larger purse

    1. I agree - I ended up getting a bigger purse. I've tried pocket size before, but can't go back now that I've moved up to the personal size.

  2. Hi,
    I am agree with you. My first filofax was an A5 an it´s horrible to carry in my bag because it´s very heavy, so I decided to buy another filofax, but this time the size was a pocket, and the result is ok, the pocket is always in my purse and the A5 is always in my desk.

    1. That's a good idea, I'm not sure I'm organized enough to keep two calendars in sync, though.