Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Week #30

Here's a look at my weekly pages for week #30.

Here's how I use my weekly pages:

  • Time/Day specific information goes on the specific day on the left hand side.  I try to keep appointments in chronological order.  I should mention I use Frixion pens in case I need to erase :)
  • I highlight doctor appointments in pink so I can easily go back through the calendar at tax time and calculate out my medical mileage.
  • I use MarkItDots to color code specific appointments and activities
  • I use the Martha Stewart tear drop labels for reminders of tasks that don't happen on the same day of the week - so it's harder for me to remember the tasks.  For example, Monthly goals on the last Sunday of the month, giving my dogs heart-guard on the 15th of the month.  I also have to track medical tasks which happen every three or four days, so it makes it easy to track.
  • I use mini stamps for birthdays and holidays

The notes pages hold tasks by context (Calls, Errands, Home).  At the bottom of the page I put my goals for the week.  This week I put them on a sticky note so they'd really stand out.  I like how that worked, so I may do that again in the future!

I tried out the new Scotch brand washi tape and I really like it, I'm able to write on it with a marker (at the top of the page I'm counting down the weeks until I'm on my beach vacation!).  I love the bright pinks and oranges of this particular tape, it's so vibrant, I'll definitely be buying more Scotch washi tape.

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